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VAT is one of the most common types of consumption tax found around the world. Over 150 countries have implemented VAT (or its equivalent, Goods and Services Tax), including all 29 European Union (EU) members, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Under-secretary at the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Finance, Younis Haji Al Khoori confirmed that Value-Added-Tax (VAT) will be introduced across the UAE and the GCC in 2018. The introduction of the VAT is considered to be a viable alternative source of revenue for the UAE following the impact of failing oil prices in recent years in the UAE’s finances.

United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Finance (MOF) is issuing Tax Domicile Certificate for eligible government entities, companies and individuals to take advantage of agreements of double taxation avoidance on income signed by the UAE. So Foreign companies and UAE resident individuals will be benefited from this Tax Domicile Certificate. This is a certificate issued for government authorities, private sector companies and individuals to exempt them from Value Added Tax (VAT) in various countries around the world.

Plus UAE is serving all companies and individuals who require the services for Tax Domicile Certificate. Mainly for BRANCH OF FOREIGN COMPANIES in UAE they are already paying VAT in their home country can approach PLUS UAE without any doubt. We will help you with the service.