A representative office of a foreign company is different legally from that of its branch office opened in ABUDHABI. In a representative office, a foreign company is only allowed to promote it’s parental / main companies activities, that is if the main company deals in the sale or production of any products, this company can open a representative office in ABU DHABI which will be only able to “Promote or involve in marketing, sales or productions of the specific products by using their contacts in ABU DHABI, (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) but they cannot conduct sale or produce a product themselves. Representative offices also have another restrictions that they are not allowed to obtain credit facilities and visa obtained are only for 3 or 4 members.

Likewise the branch office, when establishing a representative office a “LOCAL SERVICE AGENT” is needed. We provide services by helping in opening the representative office in return for a percentage of profit or annual income. Plus UAE here also assist you in opening a Representative Office in ABU DHABI by doing all legal procedures and giving you all relevant information’s, needed to establish a foreign company Representative Office.