UAE has now implemented a new law where all the companies must be classified according to their activities. The law was actually implemented last year, but government has set deadline for that companies existing without classification to complete classification like wise new investing companies also need to apply this. Classification of their company according their activity {CONTRACTING, ENGINEERING, CONSULTANCY} etc.
They have to classify as per the norms, guidelines mentioned by the Government and this classification should be under the basis of technical capabilities, financial capabilities, previous experience, number of staffs etc.

For those companies who have not done classifications, the Government will be forced to refusal of their license renewal. So UAE Government has introduced this new classification law to create healthy and sound atmosphere for the companies and employees. There is a list of classification category mentioned by Government.

Plus UAE help you in choosing the right category from this classification list (according to your business activity) and assist you in completely all the required procedure to complete your classification.