Obtaining a LOCAL SPONSOR is the most important criteria for setting up a business in UAE. Plus UAE provide Local sponsorship for foreign companies and expats in order for them to obtain their commercial license as it is required by law.

For implementing a business in UAE each company, branch or representation requires LOCAL SPONSORSHIP of United Arab Emirates national. The local sponsor (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES NATIONAL) will not interfere in any of the company’s activities or financial matters he is only acting as the role of a “LOCAL SPONSOR” which is the primary requirement for establishing a Business in ABU DHABI.

Plus UAE provide you a sincere LOCAL SPONSOR, highly educated and with dynamic personality. We can promise you that he is 100% authentic and has no right in involving any of the business activities; he only gives you sponsorship as per U.A.E. law to start an enterprise in U.A.E.
Plus UAE provides a LOCAL SPONSOR who resides in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES for over years coming from a traditional background and his family has been a constant partner in promoting growth of UAE. With several years of experience and glorious present he is completely dedicated to raise the strategy of UAE by giving SPONSORSHIP for more challenging and innovative investors in UAE
We offer you one of the broadest ranges company formation solutions including:
Advise on local company sponsorship in Abu Dhabi
Introduction to a reliable and trustworthy local sponsor
Selection of the most appropriate free zone for your company in Abu Dhabi
Completion and submission of your incorporation and company formation licenses
Compliance with regulatory requirements in Abu Dhabi company formation transactions.

Bespoke advice and solutions on obtaining Abu Dhabi trade licenses, and permit of operations
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