A foreign company investing in ABUDHABI (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) may appoint a commercial agent to represent their activities herein Abu Dhabi, instead of establishing a permanent presence. According to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES law this commercial agency act as an arrangement where a foreign company is represented in ABUDHABI (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) appoints n agent to distribute, sell, offer or provide goods or services within the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES for a commission or percentage of profit. Some of the requirements to be a “Commercial Agent” are:

  • Commercial Agents must be UNITED ARAB EMIRATES national or companies owned entirely by UNITED ARAB EMRATES national.
  • Commercial Agents must be registered with the ABUDHABI (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) Ministry of Economy to engage in Commercial activities and should have valid trade license.
  • Commercial agents are entitled to a specific territory for encompassing at least one emirate for specified products.
  • Commercial agents can receive commission for the sales of products in their designated area.
  • Commercial agent can receive compensation from the foreign company if the agency is not renewed or agency is terminated without due reason (according to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Commercial Agency Law).

Plus UAE acts as a Commercial Agent with respect to all the above-mentioned requirements. We are determined for promoting a product or goods of the specified foreign company we deal with, in ABUDHABI (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES).

Why should you appoint Plus UAE as your COMMERCIAL AGENT?

  • We save exporter from additional costs involved in setting up a foreign presence in UAE
  • Less management time and effort for the exporter
  • For local country marketing and technical issues including in some cases after sales, exporter can appoint their own sales expert/ promoter. As an agent we will provide visa for the person the exporter is appointing and good working atmosphere for them to work in UAE independently to promote their product/services
  • An exporter does not need to spend time and resources building a local presence as Plus UAE should have this in place
  • We offer a low cost entry strategy into UAE market.